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The 5th Beijing International Daily Use Articles Exposition2
The 5th Beijing International Daily Use Articles Exposition2018

Exhibition time: September 5-7, 2018
Exhibition site: Hall 2, Hall 3 ,Hall 4 and Hall 5, Beijing China International Exhibition Center (old venue)
Approval unit: Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce
Organizer: Beijing Frontier International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Exhibition introduction:
The 5th Beijing International Daily Use Articles Exposition 2018 is the most professional and largest international daily use articles exhibition in Beijing. It is referred to as Beijing Daily Use Articles Exposition 2018. During September 5-8, 2018, it will be held in Hall 2、 Hall 3 、 Hall 4& Hall 5,Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Old venue). the exhibition will be based on the northern China andBeijing-Tianjin-Hebei region to meet many domestic and foreign buyers’ one-stop procurement needs for daily use articles, household items and craft gifts.
Beijing  Daily  Use Articles Exposition 2018 will attract many professional buyers from domestic and foreign agents, distributors, wholesalers, gift channels, e-commerce, TV shopping, channel merchants and supermarkets.
Market opportunity
In 2017, the resident population in Beijing would be controlled within 22 million. In Beijing's blueprint for planning, the regional wholesale markets for commodities, such as Dahongmen Market and Zoo Garment Wholesale Market, will be relocated in the places, which are 50 kilometers away from the downtown area. Beijing’s wholesale and retail practitioners account for 11.6% of the city's total employees. This proportion is too large and it causes tremendous pressure for people flow and logistics. In 2014, Beijing Municipality issued an injunction to prohibit the construction of the new and expanded wholesale markets in the East and West City. The relocation is not equal to the dissipation of industrial development energy. The traditional wholesale markets will be relocated to obtain the new opportunities for development and the merchants will also respond to the national peoples’ innovation call to make the second entrepreneurial journey. Against this background, in order to cope with the new market structure, this exhibition will strive to open up the domestic markets for general merchandise in northern China, create a platform for China's daily use article enterprises, construct an overarching business models, and establish the new blueprint of the operations for daily use article and display trade. The exhibition’s professional degree will be enhanced. At the same time, the national call "to open up the domestic market and pull the domestic demand” will be responded really.
Range of exhibition
Plastic Products: storage box, stool, chair, brush, hanger, clothes rack, bucket, mug, washbasin, sealing can, trash bin, vacuum compression bag, flower pot, sprayer, soap box, clothes fork, etc.
Cleaning supplies: plastic cotton mop, magic mop, flatbed mop, broom dustpan kit, trash bin, glove, scouring pad, etc.
              Cleaning ball, sponge rubbing, glass eraser, chenille, toilet pad / brush, etc.
Kitchenware: wok, cookware, scissor, vegetable basket, whisk, shredder, dish rack, hanging basket, oil can, seasoning bottle spatula, colander, bottle opener, sharpener, food processor, kitchen gadget, etc.
Bamboo products: cutting board, chopstick, knife holder, rolling stick, toothpick, bamboo stick, fruit plate, bamboo crafts, placemat and coaster.
Spoon Glassware: glass tableware, storage tank, water glass, wine glass, glass flowerpot, vase, ashtray, candlestick, water bottle, drinking ware, sealed can, crisper, etc.
Ceramics for daily use: tableware, casserole, mug, pot, jar, altar, basin, tank, plate, dish, bowl, etc.
Cup pot: insulated cup, pot, bottle, sports bottle, glass, creative cup, purple sand cup, car cup, handy cup, etc.
Tea sets: tea set, gift and catering set, Kung Fu tea ware, teapot, tea bowl, tea tray, tea cup, tureen, iron pot, purple sand, Kung Fu tea set, etc.
Stainless steel tableware\kitchenware: fork, spoon, chopstick, bowl, dish, plate, insulation lunch box, fresh bowl, pot, bottle, peeling knife, peeler, steamer, kitchen shelf, oven, etc.
Disposable supplies: cling film, garbage bag, crystal cup, bowl, straw, cotton swab, tablecloth, fast food box, packing box, shoe cover, etc.
Bathroom supplies: bath ball, sucker rack, non-slip mat, toilet mat, shower cap, absorbent towel, bath towel, cosmetic bag, etc.
Small household goods: coat hook, shoe rack, shoe stool, shelf, table, deck chair, sunshade, cloth wardrobe, small furniture, etc.
Household items: carpet, tableware, crystal plate, bedding, pillow, towel, comb, mirror, sewing box, ornament, luggage, rain gear, outdoor gardening, decorative lighting, wall clock, plastic toy, wedding supplies, drafts decoration, auto accessory, pet product, goods of uniform price, franchise, the commodities of 2 Yuan, 5 Yuan, 9.9 Yuan and a lot of Yuan, etc.
Daily supplies: freshener, cleaning agent, laundry detergent, toothbrush, toothpaste, mosquito coil, shoe polish, shower gel, shampoo, etc.
Small appliances: kitchen appliance, home appliance, personal care appliance, health appliance, electric heater, etc.
Booth fee

Standard booth (9㎡on hire)
Indoor raw space (36㎡on hire)
Domestic enterprise
Overseas enterprise
Standard booth price: plus 500 Yuan/one for double opening booth
Standard booth configuration: three side board, fascia board with company name in English and Chinese, 1 Power point of 5A/220V, carpet, 2 spot lights of 100W,, one advisory desk, two chairs, one round table, two spotlights and one power outlet. The specially decorated raw space could be designed and built by self. (36 square meters are on hire. Any facilities could not be provided for the raw space. Any fee outside the site cost could not be included. Before one month of the exhibition, the unit renting raw space would need to provide the special effect drawing for Organizing Committee. If Organizing Committee confirms, the unit could enter to construct. The exhibition’s special management cost and overtime booth fee are paid by exhibitor.)
Additional stand-fitting of display, electrical installation, electricity and other services are not included but can be served at the exhibitors’ cost.
u  Full information on the exhibition facility and related services can be obtained from the Exhibitor’s Manual, which will be distributed to each contracted exhibitor in July.2018。
Participation procedures
Ø Fill in the space reservation form accurately then return to us.
ØAfter receiving your application, the organizer will send the exhibitor the formal contract to confirm the booth number, cost and the deposit of your booth. Please confirm the contract and return it to the organizer within 2working days. The exhibitors should pay 100% of the total rental fee as the deposit to the organizer within 2working days after booth confirmation.
Payment Method:
Beneficiary : Beijing Frontier International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank (ICBC), Beijing Municipal Branch, Wang Jing Sub-branch, Xibahezhongli Banking Office.
Account number: 020 025 300 900 012 4511
Swift Address: ICBKCNBJBJM
Bank number: 966
Invited big buyers
Carrefour, Yonghui Supermarket Co., Ltd., Wumart, Metro, Auchan, Jingkelong, Huapu Supermarket, Beijing Trade Union Wholesale Market, China Linyi Commodity City, China Education Supplies Procurement Base, Yongqing Zheshang New Town, Hebei Baoding Baigou Dahongmen International Garment City, Yiwu Small Commodity Market, Alibaba Group, Beijing Wangfujing Department Store, Nanjing Xinbai, Changchun Eurasia Group, Xujiahui Mall, Nanning Department Store, Shangpin Commerce, Hunan Youa, Yintai Commerce, Easy Home, BBK Commercial Chain Co., Ltd., Xiangjiang Department Store, Jiahui Department Store Co., Ltd., Jiarunduo Supermarket Co., Ltd., Liansheng Industrial Group Co., Ltd., Guoguang Industrial Co., Ltd., Xiaowu Group, Huarun Wanjia Co., Ltd., RT-Mart Co., Ltd., Brilliance Group Co., Ltd., Wal-Mart Stores Co., Ltd., Wushang Group Co., Ltd., Renrenle Chain Business Group Co., Ltd., Rainbow Department Store Co., Ltd., Wuhan Zhongbai Department Store Co., Ltd., etc.
Audience category:
Agents/Distributors: wholesaler, manufacturer, department store, supermarket/ convenience store, and other terminal store
Imports and exports: joining investment, e-commerce, gift distribution, unit / individual purchase, and mail order company.
Medias: design company / designer, television shopping, professional audience and retail channel
Retailers: exclusive shop, department store, mail order company, hotel and restaurant, and trading company.Others
Exhibition contact:
Beijing Frontier International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Address: 7-4-3-1005 Room, the First City of Tomorrow, Li Jun Road, Li Shui Qiao, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Zip code: 100107
Tel: 0086-13911865811
Fax: 0086-010-84842275

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